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10 years of service experience working with air conditioning and heating system. Aire Craft air conditioning aims and offer to supply and install the best heating and cooling service to its customers. Aire Craft air conditioning prides it’s self on knowing everything about your heating and cooling equipment. We offer expert knowledge to acquire the maximum efficiency from your equipment. We provide air conditioning system repair and replacement options to all types of air conditioner like split systems air conditioner, reverse cycle air conditioner with detailed advantages. Our priority is to keep you informed and satisfied.

LEADING AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE IN Croydon and air conditioning repairs ringwood

One of the biggest purchases that you will ever make for yourself is your new air conditioning and ducted heating system. While it is important to make sure that you are purchasing the proper heating and air cooling systems from the beginning, it is equally crucial to keep up with your new air conditioning, ducted heating and split system maintenance as needed.

Have your repairs done by the most reliable air conditioning repairs and heating service in Croydon and Ringwood! At Aire Craft, our air conditioning repair team is made up of fully qualified service technicians that have years of training and experience working on all types of heating and air cooling units like split system air conditioner and reverse cycle air conditioner. If your home air conditioning and heating unit breaks down, we ensure that you will receive the best repair help you deserve with fast air conditioning Ringwood service and heating maintenance service– especially when the peak season comes around. We know that is when our air conditioning services will be needed most, contact our friendly staff to get free quotes and we promise to be there for you.

best QUALITY HEATing system REPAIRS IN Croydon and ringwood vic

If you’ve ever experienced a heating system malfunction, you know how frustrating it can be. Your entire home is too cold, and it’s hard to warm up without the ducted heating systems. On top of this, hiring the right professional to fix it can take a long time, and it’s not even a guarantee they will fix it quick enough, or even right at all.

When this happens, do not fear! You need better ducted heating and cooling repair solutions available in all areas of Croydon, Ringwood and all surrounding suburbs. Aire Craft airconditoning is at your service with a fast, affordable, and reliable solution to all of your ducted heating and cooling needs.

“After two years of struggling with broken air conditioners and not being able to find anyone to fix it, a local parts shop recommended Robby and I couldn’t be happier. He was friendly, showed up on time and charged what I thought was a very fair price for my air conditioning Ringwood repair. Have already recommended him to neighbours of mine with the same model of troublesome air conditioning systems.”

Brandon Z

“Robby was fantastic. Very professional. Offered great maintenance advice and was quick to identify and resolve the problem with our air conditioning unit. I would highly recommend anyone to call Airecraft for both cooling and heating needs. Excellent value and service.”

Foti S.

“We were really impressed with Robby’s expertise, workmanship and work ethic with regards to air conditioning installation service and repair. He quietly and competently got it done – and left the place spotless. His communication, maintenance advice and customer service was also excellent. I haven’t met too many tradies I can recommend but Robby is one of them”

Robyn A.

“You should definitely call and use Aire Craft’s work over anyone else. Been let down and had the experience with poor service and misdiagnosed systems from others costing me time and lots of wasted money. Whole different world using Aire Craft’s work and won’t have to call and use anyone else to install and repair my air conditioner from now on.”

Paul D.

WHY is it best to USE AIRE CRAFT for your ducted heating and cooling needs?

We offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning services in Ringwood, Croydon and surrounding areas, including ducted heating repairs, split systems installation and replacement services, helping us rapidly install, diagnose and solve problems in cooling and ducted heating units of every design and configuration. We servicing all areas of Croydon, Ringwood and all surrounding suburbs from our Croydon location. The Aire Craft heating and cooling team knows that whether we’re dealing with residential or commercial customers, minimising downtime is the key concern. Our goal is always to have your heating and cooling machine up and running as quickly as possible, contact us for any quality air conditioning Ringwood service, we offer free quotes and in many cases we are able to visit your property within the next 24 hours, ensuring a quick, better solution to your air conditioning problems.

Our Croydon based air conditioner technicians are experienced with industrial ducted air conditioners from a variety of brands and types, allowing our staff to provide prompt installation, systems maintenance and repair service to our commercial customers. When your business depends on working air conditioners for maintaining clean rooms or simply keeping your customers comfortable, trust us to be there as soon as possible to provide our installation and repair service to your air conditioner. Save money and stress with the best air conditioning systems maintenance from Aire Craft air conditioning Ringwood, our installation and repair service are available in all surrounding areas.

We finish your heating cooling installation and repairs as quickly as possible while maintaining high standards. Looking for the right and professional repair can make your heating cooling unit less susceptible to breaking down in the future, increasing its heating and cooling lifespan.

We are an efficient and reliable heating cooling repair service with excellent staff dedicated to making our customers happy.

The smarter choice for Croydon's ducted heating and ringwood's cooling system repairs

Book an air conditioning service inspection with us today and discover why we’re one of Croydon’s preferred heating and cooling installation and repair services. When you’re looking for professionalism, affordability and a dedication to customer service, look no further than the team that is Aire Craft air conditioning Ringwood. Send us your questions via email at or through our contact page, or call us today on 0401 082 416.

Aire Craft air conditioning Ringwood services is servicing all areas of Ringwood and Croydon, we provide expert advice and best solutions. Specialising in ducted heating cooling installation and breakdowns & split type air conditioner repairs backed by quality workmanship and years of proven experience.


Evaporative cooling systems are a great alternative to traditional air cooling units – but only when they are functioning properly. Aire Craft air conditioning services can address installation and any issues with your unit within the same day as service is booked. We value our customers’ time and understand the importance of evaporative cooling systems in creating a comfortable, productive environment.

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