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One of the biggest purchases that you will ever make for yourself in Croydon is your air conditioning and heating system. While it is vital that you purchase the proper heating and cooling system from the beginning, it is equally crucial to keep up with your home or commercial air conditioning unit maintenance as needed. Otherwise, your heating and cooling unit will be out of service, and your home in Melbourne will become uncomfortable, even dangerously hot.

Have your unit installation and repairs done by the most reliable specialist in air conditioning service Croydon! At Aire Craft, our team is made up of fully qualified service technicians that have years of training and experience working on AC and heating units. If your unit breaks down, we ensure that you get the servicing you deserve with fast air conditioner maintenance and repair service – especially when the peak season comes around in Croydon. We know that is when we will be needed most, and we promise to be there for you.

Our Reliable Services

The reliability of your heating and cooling system installation can be drastically improved when maintenance for your air conditioners is performed regularly by our Croydon air conditioner specialist. Routine upkeep is an essential practice for maintaining the dependability of air conditioning units. Regular maintenance after installation and proper repair prevent your air conditioning unit from giving out when you need it most, like during the hottest days of summer in Croydon. Regular air conditioner service also has the benefit of maximising the lifespan of your air cooling unit, thus maximising your investment.

Our Experience

Our air conditioning Croydon technicians are all equipped and licensed to install and service any of the major air cooling brands such as Alpine, Lennox, Daikin, Mitsubishi, NEC, Kelvinator, and Electrolux. The combined experience of all of our Croydon team members extends across every unit manufactured including split systems, ducted heating, reverse cycle, central and evaporative cooling systems, and reverse cycle multi split.

While the heating and cooling services we perform in this Melbourne suburb may vary depending on specific types of heating and air cooling units, many of our routine services include:

–      Re-tensioning and going over to check all the electrical connections of the units

–      Checking for proper airflow throughout the entirety of the installation

–      Performing tests to check the current electrical component draw

–      Checking all of the cold air system duct work to ensure that no air is leaking

–      Tightening all of the flare nuts to make sure that no gas leaks occur in the air

Our preventative approach to our air conditioning installation and maintenance service is what gives our Croydon team of specialists a step up above others – we are able to identify any potential problems that need servicing prior to your air conditioning system breaking down. Our team will check not just your heating cooling issues but also carbon monoxide levels in your property, if needed, to provide you with maximum safety and peace of mind. We’ll make sure that no additional air conditioning repairs are needed until the next checkup.

Are You Looking for Air Conditioning Repairs Near You?

At Aire Craft, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and dedication to our air conditioning Croydon customers. We always recommend that our clients in this part of Melbourne schedule an annual service for their air conditioners and heating systems to ensure optimal year-round performance.

Once our work on your home cold air system is complete, we deliver a comprehensive report to you so that you are completely in the loop on the status of your AC unit. Our air conditioning Croydon team is happy to offer our energy saving tips, so feel free to give us a call for more information about how to get the most out of your home and commercial air cooling units. If you’ve been looking for “air conditioning service near me” and are sick of searching for reliable service for ducted heating, evaporative cooling, and even gas ducted heating systems, contact us today!

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Croydon is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and is located 27 km east of Melbourne’s CBD. The Maroondah Festival is held each year in the Croydon Park and is embraced by the City of Maroondah and residents from surrounding suburbs. Aire Craft has been servicing the Croydon area for 10 years now and has become a leading provider of heating cooling maintenance and repair services for air conditioners within the area.

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