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Evaporative cooling systems are a great alternative to traditional air conditioning units – but only when they are functioning properly. Aire Craft can address any issues with your unit within the same day as service is booked. We value our customers’ time and understand the importance of evaporative air conditioners in creating a comfortable, productive environment.

Are You Looking for Evaporative Cooling Repairs Near You?

Our team of qualified air conditioning specialists efficiently addresses issues with your evaporative air conditioning system. We ensure its fan, pump, damp valve, and tension fan belt are functioning properly. We inspect its water level and duct work.

Our years of experience in various air conditioning systems have readied us to deliver service within efficient time windows. Our team members render these services all while remaining professional and friendly. We are committed to providing evaporative air conditioning repairs in Croydon at the most competitive prices for our valued customers.



When Do You Need an Evaporative Cooling System Service?

Evaporative air conditioning units keep your home or business cool by taking in hot air, assisted by a fan blower. The fan transmits this hot air through wet pads. Through this process, the water from the pads evaporates and blows out of the system in the form of cool, refreshing air.

Sometimes, evaporative air conditioners fall into disrepair over time. This can be due to factors like age or neglect. If you notice any of the following issues with your evaporative air conditioner, give Aire Craft a call. Issues that indicate your air conditioner needs a repair include:

  • Leaking water: Any leakage of water can be indicative of a faulty evaporative system. Even the smallest of leaks can turn into major issues. It’s best to have one of our professionals evaluate your system’s condition.
  • Exhibits inadequate air flow: Improper air flow is often the result of a blocked exhaustive duct or other opening. Our team will determine the source of improper air flow. We’ll quickly get your evaporative air conditioning system back in working condition.
  • Fails to start: Sometimes, the system itself fails to turn on. Because this issue usually stems from electrical issues, such as a blown fuse or a tripped breaker, it is ideal to allow our trained professionals to tackle this problem.
  • Emits an odour: If you notice an odour coming from your system, it may be the result of built-up mildew or still water. Both of these can indicate bigger underlying issues that Aire Craft can isolate and address.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling Repairs

All of our customers will benefit from our evaporative air con service! An evaporative air conditioner that is functioning properly will:

  • Save you money: An evaporative system that is in working order is energy efficient and has relatively low maintenance and running costs. You’ll be able to enjoy its benefits at an affordable price.
  • Suit the driest of climates: Our evaporative AC service is most effective in dry climates, as the systems add humidity to the air. Even if your area gets particularly dry and hot in its warmest months, evaporative air conditoners will provide your home or business with much-needed cool air.
  • Consume less electricity: Lower your electricity costs and feel good about reducing your carbon footprint. Our evaporative air con service ensures your system is energy efficient and functioning at its prime!

Our Experience

Our air conditioning Croydon technicians are all equipped and licensed to service any of the major brands of air conditioning systems such as Alpine, Lennox, Daikin, Mitsubishi, NEC, Kelvinator, and Electrolux. The combined experience of all the members of our heating and cooling specialist team extends across every air conditioner unit manufactured including split system air con, ducted reverse cycle, central, evaporative AC unit, ducted heating system, and multi split systems.

With more than 10 years of experience working with air conditioning repairs in Croydon and surrounding areas, at Aire Craft we strive to supply the best quality services to all of our customers. We pride ourselves on knowing everything about air conditioners and heating equipment – from evaporative unit and split system to reverse cycle air con and ducted systems.

We offer expert knowledge to get the maximum efficiency from air conditioners. We also provide repair and replacement options as well as new heating and cooling system installations, with detailed advantages. Our priority is to keep you informed and satisfied.

While the heating and cooling solutions we perform may vary depending on your specific type of air conditioning system, many of our routine air conditioning services include:

–      Re-tensioning and going over to check all of the electrical connections
–      Checking for proper airflow throughout the entirety of the system
–      Performing tests to check the current electrical component draw
–      Checking all of the system duct work to ensure that no air is leaking
–      Tightening all of the flare nuts to make sure that no gas leak occurs


Our preventative approach to our air conditioning services is what gives our team a step up above others – we are able to identify any potential problems prior to your system breaking down.

Our air conditioning Croydon team will also check for carbon monoxide on your property if needed to provide you with maximum safety and peace of mind. We’ll make sure that no additional air conditioning services are needed until the next checkup.



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Are You Looking for Air Conditioning Repairs Near You?

At Aire Craft, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and dedication to air conditioning Croydon customers. We always recommend that our clients in this part of Melbourne schedule an annual service for their air conditioners and heating systems to ensure optimal year-round performance.

Once our work on your home cold air system is complete, we deliver a comprehensive report to you so that you are completely in the loop on the status of your AC unit. Our air conditioning Croydon team is happy to offer our energy saving tips, so feel free to give us a call for more information about how to get the most out of your home and commercial air conditioners. If you’ve been looking for “air conditioning service near me” and are sick of searching for reliable service for split system, evaporative system, and even gas ducted heating systems, contact us today!

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Why Is It Best To Use Aire Craft For Your Heating And Cooling Needs?

We offer a comprehensive range of air conditioning repairs in Croydon, including:

Ducted Heating System Repairs
Air Conditioning Installation, from Split Systems to Reverse Cycle Air Units
Air Conditioning Replacement Services


This helps us rapidly install, diagnose, and solve problems in heating and air conditioning installation systems of every design and configuration.

We service residents of Croydon and all surrounding suburbs on all their air conditioning needs. The Aire Craft air conditioning Croydon team knows that whether we’re dealing with residential or commercial customers, minimising air conditioner downtime is the key concern.

It is the goal of our air conditioning specialist to always have your heating and air conditioning unit – whether it’s a split system, evaporative unit, ducted gas heating, or other heating and cooling systems – up and running as quickly as possible, contact us to get the quality air conditioning Croydon residents trust. We offer free quotes and in many cases our air conditioning specialist will visit your property within the next 24 hours, ensuring a quick, better solution to your air conditioner problems.

Our air conditioning Croydon technicians are experienced with split system and industrial ducted air conditioners from a variety of makes and models, allowing our air conditioning service in Croydon to provide our customers with:

Prompt Installation
Systems Maintenance
Repair Service


If you’ve ever experienced a heating and cooling systems malfunction, you know how frustrating it can be. Your entire home is too cold, and it’s hard to warm up without the heating systems. On top of this, hiring the right air conditioning specialist to fix it can take a long time, and it’s not even a guarantee they will fix it quick enough, or even right at all.

When this happens, do not fear! You need the leading air conditioning repairs in Croydon. Aire Craft air conditioning is at your service with a fast, affordable, and reliable solution to all of your heating and cooling needs.

When your business depends on working air conditioners for maintaining clean rooms or simply keeping your customers comfortable, trust us to be there as soon as possible to provide our installation and repair service to your air conditioner. Save money and stress with the best air conditioner systems maintenance from Aire Craft air conditioning service in Croydon. Our heating and cooling installation and repair service are available in all surrounding areas.

We finish your heating and air conditioning installation and repairs as quickly as possible while maintaining high standards. Looking for the right and professional air con repair can make your heating and cooling unit become energy efficient less susceptible to breaking down in the future, increasing its heating and cooling lifespan.

We are an efficient and reliable provider of heating and air conditioning services with excellent staff dedicated to making our customers happy by meeting all their air conditioning requirements.

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Croydon is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and is located 27 km east of Melbourne’s CBD. The Maroondah Festival is held each year in the Croydon Park and is embraced by the City of Maroondah and residents from surrounding suburbs. Aire Craft has been serving the Croydon area for 10 years and has become a leading provider of air conditioning maintenance services with in the area.

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